Friday, February 20, 2009

What'cha readin'?

In the past few months, I've perused or am still perusing, the following titles:

A Thousand Splendid Suns (book club selection)

A Perfect Red (recommended by and on loan from a friend)

The Old Iron Road (recommended by and on loan from another friend)

The Nasty Bits (a Christmas wish list fulfillment!)

A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose (recommended by and on loan from yet another friend)

Art History for DUMMIES (library book)

The best american magazine writing 2008 (library book)

Three Cups of Tea - (this month's book club selection)

The entire set of Jane Austen novels - (a Christmas gift, via BN classics)

wallpaper PROJECTS - (soon to be released coooooool crafty book)(You may consider this a shameless plug as well)

'Too many books, not nearly enough time' rings so true for me.

I've also become the world's s-l-o-w-e-s-t reader, which frustrates me no end as I am faced with enticing titles at the public library, bookstore or the well-stocked book shelf of a friend or family member.

Worse yet, my ability to remember anything is fast going going gone.
How quickly I forget something just read.
F'rinstance: Which countries vied for the secrets of cochineal, exactly when were the Fauves creating excitement in the art realm and what the heck happened at the end of 'A Thousand Splendid Suns', anyway?

No matter.
I still enjoy the reads and the pleasurable AHA! moments derived from books.
Pity it fades so quickly from my memory though...

So - what about you?
What'cha readin'?

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Conn said...

i can hardly make it through a bi-monthly issue of MAUI NO KA OI before the next one comes out.

justducky said...

Another 8-book-at-a-time reader!

Anonymous said...

When the Spanish found they could make more from the cochineal than from gold in the new world, they became one of those who vied for control. Reference, The Color of Red that I loaned to a friend but she is the one guilty of forcing me to read a previous book, Color, the History of the Palette.

baffle said...

No kiddin', C. I stopped my subscription to The New Yorker because the weekly issues just kept stacking up without my getting round to reading most of the articles. I felt major magazine GUILT!

jd: do you ever get the story lines and/or factoids mixed up when juggling 5 or more books at once? I always do.

anon: gotcha. I do actually know the answers to all my book queries. But that's only because those reads are relatively fresh in my mind. Give me another month and I will deny outright that I've ever seen any of the books mentioned.