Friday, July 28, 2006

Lei Lady Lei

For the longest time, I thought a lei was only about flowers - exotic island blooms strung into beautiful fragrant, floral necklaces. Anyone who has worn a flower lei knows it can magically transform your entire mindset to a peaceful tropical paradise (if you're not already there fo' reals)...

During my last visit to Hawai'i I learned that leis made of feathers are also quite popular. The island monarchs favored royal accoutrements fashioned from the feathers of spectacularly colored birds, and the beauty of those brilliant vestments/accessories are still admired by island locals as well as tourists like myself.

Oh, to possess a Hawaiian style feather-something-or-another of my very own - so I too could feel a bit like royalty...?
At the very least, a simple feather lei to wear for a non-traditional splash o' color with my basic black dress?

Because feather leis can be pretty pricey (and if they weren't, just think of all those poor birds who'd have to give it up for yet another folly of human fashion!), look-alike leis made of eyelash yarns have become quite 'the thing'. A lei can be fashioned out of ribbon as well, but it won't look so feathery.

Not only do eyelash yarn leis look very much like the 'real deal', they are gorgeous in their own right, less expensive to buy than their genuine feather counterparts, and last longer than flower leis. Guess what else? As with many scrumptiously beautiful things - you can make 'em yourself!

* Tip: you can even scent your yarn 'feather' lei with a bit of floral perfume or oil! ALOHA!


jessamynit said...

hee hee, I pictured "eyelash yarns" as yard made from those weird, random, professorial-style long curly eyebrow hairs devon gets out of nowhere!
I don't know why.

baffle said...

I was recently 'gifted' a book on how to crochet yarn leis.
I WILL be using that funny eyelash yarn sold in stores to fashion some very pretty lei, but with your comment, I'm now considering collecting 'professorial' (I LUV that word, jessamynit!) curly eyeBROW hairs to spin into yarn and crochet with. May prove to be kinda itchy, yet so very arty.

Start 'harvesting', silly girl!