Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Out of my system

Here is my sneaky way of getting the topic of 'Deadwood' (HBO) out of my system in regard to this blog. The temptation for numerous posts dedicated to 'Deadwood' is great. I love this tv show, I mean I LOVE it.

So - I venture to make mention here but once, and with a decided emphasis on education/ history. Not as much fun as an all-out rave, but I'm not ready to tap into my latest television obsession (just yet).

The pic posted is of the REAL Seth Bullock, who resided in the REAL town of Deadwood, N.D. from 1876 on.

'Nuff posted about 'Deadwood' (for now). Lest I go on and on ad nauseum...


Lauren said...

Wow- cool pic! Timothy "Elephant" needs to work on his mustache- his is nowhere near as big as the original.

baffle said...

You are soooo right!
I was going to comment on the comparative 'tache sizes (between the REAL and T. Elephant's), but figured someone out there would enjoy taking note via a comment!