Friday, November 20, 2009

Frozen River

Just watched 'Frozen River' (2008).

The story takes place during the week before Christmas. As we are fast approaching the December holidays, it seems that viewing 'Frozen River' is timely.

We live in such a socially stratified country - of Haves, Have Nots and all those in-between. Not only is this evident in our everyday lives, it is accentuated at the year-end holidays, when expectations of self, as well as lot in life, are heightened, if not tested.

How sobering to think of those who already subsist on barely enough; whose lives are defined by missed, botched, few, or lack of - opportunities. It's not just about being able to succeed if one sets nose-to-grindstone. Much depends on whether those opportunities are available. It is assumed for some, a challenge for others, and seemingly - an impossibility for those in the lowest strata. That is when desperation becomes the mode of survival.

'Frozen River' is about survival, while struggling to remain humane.

Kudos to the writer/director Courtney Hunt, with a special nod to
Melissa Leo, whose work I was not previously familiar with.
Rio is Damn Fabulous in the role of 'Ray'.

One word movie review: REAL

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Lauren said...

We have not seen Frozen River yet, but keep meaning to watch it. Interesting thoughts and observations, mother! I do enjoy your movie reviews.