Friday, December 04, 2009

Meryl Streep kicks

I was changing sheets on the bed this morn.
Flipping channels on the bedroom tv.
Whistling whilst I worked.

There on a movie channel was Meryl Streep in 'Mama Mia' - singing The Winner Takes it All.
I'm not an Abba fan, but this song, sung and acted out so dang well by Meryl Streep - could
not have been performed with more, well, let us say - gumption. The lady can sing AND act at the same time. Not so easy in that wild Greek island setting, with wind blowing hair and clothing and with an awkward Pierce Brosnan staring vacantly at her.
Meryl Streep kicks.

I went to another channel - and there she was again - in one of my fave
Streep flicks: 'The River Wild'. In it, she's buff, she paddles the rapids and yes, she kicks.
She kicks the crap out of Kevin Bacon's bad guy character.

Meryl Streep is the quintessential Kick Butt Actress.
If there was an Oscar equivalent: The Kick Butt Acting Award, she'd get it.

photo by Herb Ritts.


House Dreams said...

The woman can do anything!
An amazing and modest actor.
Even in really weird movies, like Death Becomes Her.
Talk about well rounded!

baffle said...

yes, house dreams - you are soooooooo right. every film she's in is made more special, significant, enjoyable - by her performance. streep has saved many a failed attempt by others at writing, producing, directing. moreover, she is the star vehicle actor for anything worth its salt. what an artist. to love.