Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the material world

When it comes to material things, I don't ask for much (well, not too much).
Lifestyle of choice for the time being is to live fairly simply.

That stated,
I do keep an ongoing list of practical or just-for-fun items that I would someday like to purchase/ acquire. Stuff like:
(1) a new vacuum cleaner - I would say that the old one we have 'sucks', but it does a rather poor job of that job. It's so rundown now that it is duct-taped together in parts, which is not altogether an attractive look, even for a vacuum cleaner.
(2) a modest sized flat screen hdtv TV set that will deliver a nice clear picture (to better view the nature documentaries that I favor watching. I also enjoy Disney Pixar, Jane Austen films and a few blockbuster action films on such screens).
(3) more books that I will ever live long enough to read through, because there are far too many wonderful titles available that deserve an attentive perusal - and life is, well - damned short.

Oh bother with 1, 2 or 3.
Let's talk clothing accessories.

My favourite clothing accessory at this writing is a lightweight 100% cashmere scarfy shawl thingy, which was gifted to me (because I'd requested it) several Christmases ago. It's from Nordstrom's, and is pretty much known within the Nordstrom shopper's circles as 'the Nordstrom's (tissue weight) cashmere wrap'.

At 20" wide x 80" long, this heavenly soft rectangle of cashmere fabric is such a versatile size.
It can be folded, pleated, twisted, knotted
and wrapped any number of times and every which way.
Is it a Scarf =  yes.
Is it a Shawl = yes.
Is it an In a Pinch Blankie Cover = yes.
Is it a Belt - (if my waist doesn't expand any larger) - yes.
Is it a Pretend Tent or
Lead the Puppy Leash to use in play with DollinkGrandDaughterLBPS = yes.

I heart LOVE this scarf.
I own one in cherry red (as in the photo) which is the color I had originally had on my holiday gift wishlist.
I adore wearing my cherry red wrap. I feel so sexy sleek and snazzy happy with it on.

So much so, that it was unwise for me to walk into a Nordstrom's store last week.
A bigger mistake for me to investigate the display of these scarves that I knew could be found in the women's accessories department.

Household finances are very tight right now.
The car is in the shop ($$$), there is a new house furnace/AC unit to be purchased ($$$$), medical bills to be paid ($$$$$). Probably more spa repair, home repair, decor redux, etc. etc. etc.

So - standing there at the accessories display, admiring and lovingly touching the rainbow colors of wraps - I was 'good' and refrained from impulsively making the purchase of another right then and there. Good Grievin' Gravy, I already own one, am very thrilled with having it, and wear the great sheath with giddy pleasure these cold winter days. I should be, and am - quite content.

But. Then. A wave of shark feeding frenzy came over me like nobody's business, and...

Scarf/ Shawl/ Wrap.

and I want them ALL.


the wraps are currently on sale.

Ai Ai Aicheemama.


Liz said...

OOOH, I would want the Cherry Red one as well. Very plush looking!!!!! Looks oh so soft............

House Dreams said...

I covet pink mauve, mint chip and cosmic green.
Any surprises there?
You might need 2 just in case.