Friday, February 12, 2010



Decided at the onset that I was NOT getting into this cutesy yarn play.
I've got quite enough in the way of ongoing fiber projects on knit/crochet needles not to bother, thank you very much.

Then, at the eleventh hour of the last holiday season, I found myself in the deep end of the arigurumi pool - by taking on the crocheting of not one, not two, but THREE 'Crobots' from this book. Amigurumi are made in pieces, which are SEWN together with yarn. One of the Crobots I made had about 14 separate crochet pieces, which needed to be individually stuffed with polyfil before being sewn together. After assembly of the pieces, Crobots need to be embellished. Big time.

Sorry, no pix to post, as I was playing the 11th hour 59th minute game - by putting finishing touches (sewing tiny beads, sequins, washers, screws, and affixing bendable wires) on the Crobots whilst a passenger in a car speeding towards San Francisco to a Christmas Eve party - which is where I gifted the three DollinkCrobots (they really did turn out to be very cute) to my DollinkSistahK.
Rumour has it that DSK enjoys them - thoroughly.

I chalked the experience as a 'been there, crochet'd that' bit of temporary insanity on my part. I mean, little crochet'd robotic thingys.
Now, really.

It's 2010 - a brand new year and a purposeful return to other creative pursuits.
Cleansing breath....

Then today, this little cutie stopped me in my tracks.

Once bitten, the amigurumi bug might be harder to shake off than I thought...
... time to get out the bug spray?
... or the crochet hooks?

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