Friday, May 21, 2010

it takes time

to write a blog post.

b's blog posts serve as reminders to myself of the minutiae which criss-crosses my addled brain at any given moment. Essentially, I write a blog post for ME.

At the same time, by publishing such nonsensical trivia to this site, the missives become my gift to blog readers who happen along now and again. Whether your visits are by accident (clicking on a Google'd link) and only a few seconds in length, with no possibility of return; or if you are a regular visitor, purposely stopping in to linger for a quick read of aforementioned snippets.

Perhaps the mental meanderings of 'b' helps to pass a few entertaining minutes online. You stop in and there might be something of worth. Like a laugh. Or a bit of music. A memorable image. Movie or book reviews to excite. Craft ideas to inspire. A discussion of food to activate the salivary glands. A curmudgeonly bone to pick.
At best, a pondering.

All well and good.

For anyone who is a 'regular', please know that if the interim between my postings seems lengthy, it is not due to disinterest of, neglect of, or a indication of complete abstinence from blogging. It is that I am contemplating subject matter for the next post. Gearing up for the next composition. Sleeping on it. Awaiting the muse.

Blog post writing is all too often easier said than done.

Blogging takes a considerable amount of time. It uses a great deal of mental energy (which I seem to have less and less of nowadays). Writing a blog post also requires a tremendous amount of editing (though these posts may not reflect that effort).

Bottom line, in order to produce a post I might consider worthy enough to publish, I work hard at it. Yes, even in this 'anything goes' format.

'Just so ya knows', it took over 45 minutes just to write this.

Later, gators.
People to see, things to do, cookies to eat.


Conn said...

ain't it the truth though? i love my blogging posts and got well behind for awhile... i blame FB. there are some posts that take 3+ hours.. then there is the photography and the editing, and looking for links to attach to the posts. i do enjoy it though. as do i enjoy your posts. they are worth the wait.

baffle said...

thanks sweet C. I too love love love your CFC posts. We've got to keep blogging alive!