Tuesday, December 07, 2010

round and round and round it goes

where it stops - is down around my feet - and in a relatively short time from start to finish.

Last weekend, I bought myself a Hula Hoop.
Thought it might motivate me to move/exercise a wee bit. At the very least, 'something to do whilst watching TV'. Yeah, right.

It's not a for real brand name Wham-O Hula Hoop, but a wannabe.
The color is hot pink. It makes a whirring (aka wannabe 'shoop shoop') sound when it goes 'round. The sticky can't get it off too easily price label makes claim that the hoop is supposed to smell like bubble gum, but I don't smell nuthin'. Perhaps this hoop was too long for the warehouse.

Anyways - the bright pink plastic hoop thingy cost me only a little more than $3.

$3. Less than a cuppa $tarbuck$ fancydancysuperduperventimochachiccachicca coffee.
A bit more long lasting too. And a heck of a lot more fun. Granted, I don't hula-hoop (forgive my combining the two words and using it as a verb) any more the way I did as a kid, when I could shimmy both clock-wise and counter-clockwise, and for a record breaking (in my mind) number of revolutions. With no pain.

These days, at the ripe old age of .... well never mind the number ... just know that it's been quite a few decades and then some, since those kid days ... I can still manage quite a few clock-wise rotations, but it is not without stress and strain on my feet, knees and torso to do so. It didn't happen 'before', but now, hula-hooping gets me out of breath.

After the purchase of said hoop, as HubbyDear and I drove home with it in the back seat of the car - I asked him - 'Who invented the Hula Hoop, anyway?'.

His answer: 'Fred Hula'.



Conn said...

sounds fun.
but what is going on at 44 seconds?
a hula hoop dual?

baffle said...

you know how it is with those silly Hula Hoopers. The blood goes to their heads.