Saturday, March 26, 2011

whilst i'm preparing my next blog post

which will be another curmudgeonly one (i know you love these best, btw)...

chaw on this vid for awhile.

if you've been a regular reader (can't imagine why, i have less than nothing to say these days), thanks for your continued patience as i wax and wane between posts.
blog post writing can be oh-so-time consuming, and time is something i've been a-wastin'.

(regarding the cartoon --- if you were a kid 'back in the day', you may remember these characters...)


Napster #46 said...

Just a place holder for the next exciting blog post? Totally understand, I couldn't even get out of the starting gate on my proposed blog. Just signed up, posted a profile pic, made up a title, and that's as far as I got. Maybe stage fright, or like the stammering in the King's Speech.

House Dreams said...

Filler, yes. my blog is a little older than Napster 46, but I'm not sure why I've lagged so lately...not to mention no writing, just photos. I should get back to it during Lent while I'm not facebooking! But I do love Rocky and Bullwinkle, especially Mr.Peabody. Thanks for the bit of nostalgia.

baffle said...

c'mon guys. get with it. blogging is sometimes tough, but it cleanses the soul. yeah, right.