Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winter spring summer or fall ...

I am constantly moving things around our humble abode - shifting and sifting, as it were - the contents of drawers, corners, shelves, closets, what have you. Evaluating and re-evaluating the use and purpose and aesthetic of each and every item.

Organizing, purging aka de-cluttering, rearranging.

It is my lot in life to keep shifting until the shift settles and I'm OK to live with it for awhile. When the spirit moves me again, I rise from my comfy chair to shift again.

This is a year round activity.
Quite enjoyable, actually. For me, anyway.
I gain a fresh perspective after each re-organization.

Striving for balance ~ with the positive/negative visual spaces of my environment.
Simplifying ~ the contents of my home and life.
Sharpening ~ my focus so I can better view my interests/projects.
Achieving ~  restfulness.
Enjoying ~ the contemplation of what is ahead.
Moving, always moving ~ forward.

Good stuff.

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Lauren said...

So THAT'S where I get it from!