Thursday, June 30, 2011

Morning ritual: the kitchen

There is nothing like a ritual,
and each morn, I look forward to my ritual in the home kitchen.

After awakening, I walk, slowly and deliberately - from bedroom into kitchen. Our home is small, so the distance from room to room is a short one, albeit long enough to shake off the sleepies.

After surveying the situation to see if there are any unexpected surprises (a note of 'Hello' or 'Please do this or that today' from HubbyDear, a sink full of dirty dishes that were left unwashed from the night before, a dead mouse lying on the floor...),

I proceed to empty the dish drainer of last night's washing. We have an automatic dishwasher, but with only two people living here day in and day out, it takes a week to fill the machine with dishes enough to warrant running a load. Invariably, there are things we need to use again with a day or two. So usually end up hand washing.

The morning drowsiness completely gives way to wakeful energy as I carefully put the dishes away, sort the cutlery into their proper places in the drawers, hang up the pots and pans. I perform these acts with a very deliberate hand, adding to the purposefulness of the ritual.

Next - is setting up for cooking a bowl of oatmeal.
Rolled oats are ready in 5 minutes, steel-cut takes a lot longer (15 minutes), so I opt for rolled. I take down the sparkling glass container of sugar and the other of dried cranberries. Pull the carton of 2% lactose-free milk from the fridge. Choose the perfect sized bowl and spoon. Measure and pour ingredients, mix together, pop in the microwave. Walk back to the bedroom to make the bed whilst the oatmeal is cooking.
Return to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on breakfast, take the bowl of hot oatmeal to the computer desk and proceed to eat while perusing the internet.

I so look forward to this morning solo dance in the kitchen.
Step by meaningful step.
For such a long time, I viewed this set of actions as a ritual.

This year, as I turn the big 6-0, I'm beginning to view it as 'old people routine'.


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