Friday, September 30, 2011

Cereal Cocktail

Cold cereal + milk.
Kinda ho-hum.
Cold cereal + milk + slices of banana on top.
Less ho but still hum.

Two, three or four kinds of cereal, related in flavor but unrelated in texture and shape
slices of banana

Cereal Cocktail.
a real taste treat.


So, go ahead. Don't be affeared. Life is short.
Mix your cereals, but with thought and consideration as to the combination.
Add berries along with those bananas. Get a little crazy with that ho-hum breakfast.
Go wild.



Molly said...

Speaking of cereal, y'know what's really good is old fashioned oatmeal, with maple syrup added, and walnuts and raisins and bananas (and maybe some shredded coconut if you really want to live dangerously) and then you take it off the stove and add vanilla yogurt on top. Heaven!

(Who needs a sundae when you've got this? and so much more healthy!)

House Dreams said...

I want to see this made into a true sundae...layers of different colors. Maybe dried strawberries?