Tuesday, December 13, 2011

these are a few of my fave-o-right things

i have Sharpie Marker luv.

i do.

some time back, somewhere around 10 years (imagine that?!?) ago ??!!??, i bought two sets of Sharpie pens from Costco.

a set of 24 assorted colors of this size:

and another variety pack of 24 colors of this size:

these two sets o' markers have been used more than any other markers i've purchased over the many years of the many decades.
the simple quiet colorful beauty of the line of a Sharpie Marker pen, that's why.
the lush, deep dark color.
and the permanence factor.

they've been used for various artsy as well as all those practical projects - from coloring on ATCs to inking a gourd to create a faux Zuni vase to labeling all the plastic storage containers in the garage to ...

... and this is the ultimate true confession - to color the occasional white hairs that dared to sprout on my otherwise black tresses. this was ages ago, of course, when my hair started to show the occasional white strand. wanting to hide the offensive white root but not yet ready to succumb to dye jobs, i colored the whiteness with a black Sharpie marker. nowadays, a truckload of black Sharpies won't do the trick, and it's a full L'Oreal treatment, every 6 weeks. still in denial about the graying that comes with aging, but not with the help of Sharpie.

(no worries)

i do
i really really do.

the bottom line is

i luvs me

some Sharpie Markers.

there is a Sharpie Markers Official blog!

helpful Sharpie Marker hint of the day =
use a Sharpie to address all your envelopes, be they thoughtful sentimental cards and letters or those damnable bills that need to be paid. the ink on Sharpie-addressed envelopes will not bleed out if the outside surface of your letter happens to get wet from lawn sprinklers, puddles, heavy fog, drooling babies or seasonal rain/snow storms.

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House Dreams said...

HA! I've tried to hide white marks!

Molly said...

I used to pull out my white hairs... until I realized it just prompted more of them.

BTW, WhiteOut is a great way to fix dents and scrapes on white walls and trim in your house.