Tuesday, July 24, 2012

you nicked my name


Nicknames were a BIG DEAL in my fam-of-origin. Everyone in the family had them. Relatives and friends had them. And not just one. Two or three, and easily more.

Giving someone an affectionate (9 times out of 10 it is bestowed with love... on the rare occasion... it is not) moniker is something I've always done.

Once in a great while, someone might escape my giving them (an) additional name(s).

My DollinkHubby's fam-of-origin lack for fun nicknames, save for traditional shortened versions of their formal names.
How can?!?

I myself can own up to having at least a dozen nicknames. And I actually like the majority of those monikers.

Got a nickname - or twelve?

image from http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/friends/nicknames/index.html


Anonymous said...


Great post.

My boyfriend has 1 affectionate nickname that I sometimes use.

My daughter has about 20 nicknames that I deploy in constant varying permutations.

Our dog has about 50 nicknames that we use.... and we almost never use his 'real' name.

I wonder why so many for some and so few for others. It may be that the boyfriend is older, more 'stentorian', and the daughter and dog are younger and more puppyish.


baffle said...

Hi Molly ~
I too have wondered why 'so many for some and so few for others'. Initially, I thought it was because the person's name didn't allow for variations. Now I figure that it was the reaction, or possible reaction, of that person to any play on their given name.
Don't think age has much to do with it (not with me and mine anyway) - young, not so young, old and older >>> all have nicknames.
Continue to have fun with yours,
and thanks for commenting!