Thursday, August 23, 2012

here's a few more things that (older) middle-aged mamas do...

(8) carry more and more stuff in their purse make-up bags. for me, that would be one or two bronchial inhalers, additional face creams, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils (for when my eyebrows disappear and eyeliner smudges during the course of the day) (more often than not, this occurs just a few hours of being out and about).

(9) wear visors, baseball caps or big sun hats. somehow, this headgear doesn't look hip and cute on (older) middle-aged mamas as they do on Sweet Young Thangs who sport the same head coverings.

(10) forego sleeveless garments and opt instead for tops and dresses with 'cap' sleeves...

(11) sit in the shade rather than in the sun.

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