Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shredder Madness

It's inevitable, isn't it - to get gifted with the occasional super practical item for anniversary or other such celebration (i.e.: Mom gets a toaster instead of pearls for Christmas).

Not altogether a bad thing. Just - well - unromantic.

There have been many a time when I've put Oh-So-Practical gifts at the top of my wish lists.
For example, I requested and received a Shop-Vac for Christmas one year. It's always a bit of a surprise to actually receive one of these useful presents, but in the long run - they outlast some of those other, cuter 'boutique items'.

This year for my birthday, along with the fun, and/or beautiful presents - I was given a set-it-over-top-of-the-trash-can type paper shredder.


I used it for the first time last night.

I was fascinated at how the apparatus grabs the papers into its teeth from the top end, grinding through the sheets with a high or low pitched whine (depending on how thick the paper or how many sheets at a time), finally spitting out the linear rejects from the bottom end. At lightning speed!
Sounds like a horror movie, does it not?

Talk about cheap thrills - I LUV it!
It is high entertainment!
I giddily shredded papers from Ye Olde Filing Cabinet until the shredder overheated and a big plastic garbage bag was full to the bursting. Still, I searched round frantically for more to feed my new, voracious toy...

In my (typical) overzealous way I found out the hard way - that a
hard-working shredder needs a bit of a cool-down break after a particularly strenuous shredding session. Once it is allowed to rest (and ceases emitting smoke), Shredder Madness can continue.

Oh What Fun.

P.S. Brings to mind the scene in 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' where Whoopi's dress gets caught in the BIG paper shredder. Hilarious. I tried, but failed - to find a youtube video...


Lauren said...

Hey I'm in the market for a paper shredder too! Sounds like you're having a blast with yours!

jessierose said...

When we had our shredder madness week we filled almost 10 large garbage bags! (and overheated the shredder numerous times)

jdidntride said...

I always want to make sculptures with the shreddings!!

During the cooling down time, have a ripping and tearing frenzy, very theraputic!
(as I can attest!)

baffle said...

I must tell you.
Due to Shredder Madness,
our file cabinets are now only half-full instead of stuffed to capacity.

The idea of sculpture with the shreddings is an excellent one. Just add a few gallons of ModgePodge...