Monday, October 01, 2007

Bacon Hot Dogs

Aforementioned DollinkDaughterLLS told us she came upon two street food vendor dudes with a sidewalk cart in San Francisco, making and selling bacon hot dogs.

Since she mentioned it, I haven't stopped salivating over the vision of a 'good quality' hot dog, wrapped in a slice of bacon and grilled to perfection...

I'm definitely planning to make this at home sometime soooooooooooon!
So good and yet so very bad.


jessierose said...

please never tell ian about these.

baffle said...


He (aka BaconSnausage
Boy) was actually who I had in mind to make them for!

Hmmmmmm - bacon-wrapped Polish Sausage, bacon-wrapped Bockwurst, bacon-wrapped GARLIC sausage...

Which one would he like best, I wonder?

Conn said...

OMG!!!! Bacon and Hotdogs! YUM!.
I have been waiting for our newest fast food joint to open in the mall... simply called Dog on a Stick.
I am hoping to stop in for a tasting this week.
oh the shame of it.

well you know... bacon makes EVERYTHING taste better... well not ice cream.

baffle said...

Is it Hot Dog on a Stick with the fresh-squoozed lemonade and corn dogs and where the employees wear the crazy colorful clown outfits?