Tuesday, July 21, 2009

love means never having to say you're sorry

No shit.

The harsh reality of those times.
The harsh reality of these times.


justducky said...

That's B.S.
Love means saying your sorry AND making ammends!

My dad and brother did appologive. My brother's ammends were changing how he treated me. My dad did the best he could.

BTW: Didja notice no one appologized to Louis Gates, Jr.?

baffle said...

on the question of race and ethnic profiling, there is no justification of the hatemongering targeted against this or that group.

in regards to the apologies being offered up to chinese-americans in such a played down manner: should we be satisfied with the feeble attempt, be grateful for any small step finally taken in the right direction, or remain pissed off as hell for over 150 years of injustices (murder being one)afflicted upon our immigrant ancestors in this land of the free home of the brave?

when it comes to family dysfunction and mistreatment of offspring or sibling - apologies can be offered and considered. then accepted. or rejected, depending on the infraction(s) and if the damage has been acknowledged and dealt with.

- i am half-expecting an apology to be issued to louis gates jr. - but i promise you it won't be a sincere one.