Monday, July 06, 2009

Still Life

the 2006 film by Jia Zhang-ke.
Life and times during the creation of the Three Gorges Dam.

Things hoped for in viewing the film: a statement on the rapid industrialization of China, great visuals of the Yangtze River landscape and transformation of what once-was to what-will-now-be and insight into the lives of displaced locals.

Subject matter very solid and the film delivers visually.

Acting and direction, however, left me looking around my living room for
something more interesting to dust the furniture...
or stare at a cobweb on the ceiling.
(If one of the main characters ceremoniously filled her water bottle again after the first 4 times, I was gonna run
screaming... then again, it could be that I totally missed the metaphor.)

One word movie review: BORING

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