Friday, October 02, 2009


b & Brenda Dayne = Best Friends Forever.

Well, virtual friends anyway.

A few years ago, after a very long hiatus - I returned to - knitting.
Hold on hold on - don't click away just yet. This post is not so much about knitting as it is about connecting.
To people. To places. To things.

The stuff of living - for the finer nuances of the act and society of knitting does, indeed, reflect the art and science of life.
Or so it has been said by many a rabid chronically needle and yarn wielding knitter.
Including my virtual BFF, Brenda Dayne.

For the past couple of years, I've been listening (typically with an ongoing knit project in hand) to a number of knit-related podcasts. By far, Brenda Dayne's Cast-On is my absolute favourite. All other knit podcasts pale to a pasty pallor in comparison.

To me, the Cast-On podcast is, above all else - soothing.
It is instructional. It is entertaining. It is thought-provoking.
Colorful. Witty.
The music played on it is (new-to-me and) engaging.

To be sure, Brenda does speak on the art/craft of knitting. The woman knows her fiber art. At the same time, she expounds on lovely rituals of her daily routine, punctuated by new life discoveries made along the way. Much ado about knitting, but not restricted to it. Via the podcast, she shares these ruminations with her listeners.

She's very cool.

Have a listen.

Make a new BFF.

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