Saturday, October 17, 2009


Finally, after years and years of coveting DollinkDaughterL's pair of Dansko clogs,
I finally got a pair of my very own:

I've been a wearer of clogs since the early 1970's, when I worked at a fancy shoe store* at Ghirardelli (say 'Gear-ah-delli') Square in San Francisco. My first pair were wooden soled, upper in brown suede, with a wide strap and buckle across the instep. Hiking up and down SF hills, I wore those things clear to the ground. My next pair were even more stylish - with wood soles, red leather uppers, and whoooohoooo - squared off toes. Footwear fashionista!

At the same time, DollinkFriend and fellow co-worker L had a pair of clogs with fur-covered uppers. Now those were WILD. During idle moments at the store, we would pet her shoes.

Clogs continued to be part of my shoe wardrobe over the next decades. I can't imagine
not having at least one pair, though in recent years, my selection of clogs has been rather unsatisfactory. They've been clog-type shoes, rather than the real deal.

This is my first pair of real deal clogs fashioned with full backs. Should be fun.

I heart these Dansko clogs.

* working this job, I learned to appreciate fine leather shoes and handbags. With my employee discount, I kept the family in fine leather footwear. Back then my clothes wardrobe sucked, but shoe and bag collection was awesome.


Bronwyn said...

when we were about six, your daughter and I were playing and she accidentally kicked off her clog which flew through the air and hit me on the head. sturdy footwear!

baffle said...


jessierose said...

It's about danged time you got a pair for yourself!

House Dreams said...

Warning: Remember those wooden clogs? Twisted my ankle sooooo bad...I guess clogs are relatively dangerous for daughter and me.