Thursday, August 05, 2010

how to buy a nylon basting spoon

Don't buy this one by Farberware, or any other Farberware basting spoon that looks like it.
Why not this one? It is poorly designed. The weight of the comfy, cushy attractive handle throws the tool off-balance. When this spoon is used to stir something in a shallow cooking pan, then set to the side of that pan (with or without food in the spoon part) - the tool flips right out of the pan, due to the weight of the handle. Food everywhere and the basting spoon ends up on the floor.
No good.

When you go to choose a nylon basting spoon for your cooking needs, check the weight of the tool by balancing the center of it on your palm, as if it were a seesaw.

I got rid of this bothersome spoon and bought one for $1.44 at Target.


House Dreams said...

oh, I hate non babancing spoons!

Conn said...

good tip.