Thursday, August 26, 2010


a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie in its entirety.
Until today.

Oh, maybe I've seen a few minutes of one.
A long time ago.

In JCVD,  Jean-Claude Van Damme serves as executive producer. And get this - he's in the starring role, and plays none other than  ---- Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The film is a huge departure (as advertised) from standard 1980's Van-Damme fare. The 90 minutes was easy to watch, save for one of the supporting bad guy roles - whose rather unattractive character I found to be rather a boring stereotype.
(SPOILER ALERT!! Boy, was I glad when that pisspot was killed off)
The featured monologue by JCVD (which is what first brought my attention to the film) alone is worth the price of admission renting the movie.

In my humble, 'Older Van Damme' is certainly worth a damn.

One word movie review: 'Aware'

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