Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dusty computer monitor

and a couple of other trivial things to ponder today.

Dust on and around computers and televisions.
... I only ever use an LCD monitor cleaner + a microfiber cloth to apply the cleaner with.
But am willing to try a dryer sheet around the base of the computer. Maybe.

The shape of a woman's lipstick.
My tube of lipstick tends to take on the shape of something between a #2 and a #3.

Walking barefoot in public or only indoors/at home?
I'm an OBI (Only Barefoot Indoors) kinda gal.

1 comment:

House Dreams said...

ewww, don't tell me about barefoot dangers! I'm either barefoot or wearing flip flops at all times except work and out and about errands. My Mom went barefoot at her fancy retirement home.

Lipstick? #3. Me, opinionated!?