Sunday, October 17, 2010


OK, this may not be the most appetizing of blog topics. 
Odd pic too, isn't it? But there's a good reason for me to choose it. Read on.

Allow me to proceed with a mini missive on the subject of snot. Please. It may serve to enlighten you, as it did me.

It is especially timely to write of snot because it appears in such generous quantities at this time of year.
Explanation: Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are experiencing our summer morphing into fall, which typically brings with it the onset of the cold and flu season. Bugs out of the woodwork, as it were. Because of the many environmental factors contributing to how germs grow and thrive, quite a number of you out there will succumb, like I recently have - to one or another of the many viral meanies out there.

Lest I change my mind about this questionable blog topic, let's proceed with haste...

I should preface any further discussion of snot by stating that I've been suffering from a terrible head cold for almost a week. DollinkGranddaughterLB very generously passed on some pre-school germies to me when I babysat her a week ago. I would talk more now about how brilliant/beautiful this little one is, but that is another post for another day...

So, let's get back to the subject at hand - or - rather - nose.

I suppose this would be a good time to sub in the word 'mucus' for the more street-worthy, and therefore decidedly more offensive term - 'snot'.

Next, a brief description of my mucus activity of last week, quickly followed by a link. Yes, I'm trying to keep this post relatively short. Stay with me now.

For 6 days and nights now, I've been blowing my poor drippy nose into facial tissues. Used up a box of (real deal) Kleenex, then another. Switched to using a roll of ultra soft toilet paper. I've been getting the 'mega rolls', so there's a lot in each one. It seemed the more economical thing to do. Until I quickly used up two rolls. blowing the endless mucus. On my third roll at present.

Staying home from any of my normal activities, I had not much else to do these last days but nap, read a bit, play on the computer (roll of TP, and a trash can nearby), watch a lot of television and - of course - more blowing of the nose. So much blowing that dee awea awound by noze started to get weally wed.

I wondered when I'd be feeling better. Upon awakening each morn, I'd find more mucus awaiting in my sinuses, draining to my nose - and eventually moving down to my chest (bad news for a newly diagnosed asthmatic).

I got to wondering...

Where oh where does the endless supply of mucus come from? When, if ever - is the over- production of mucus ever going to cease? I'm so sick of being sick. When oh when will I actually feel normal better again?

Another thought came to mind: I'm overdue to write a blog post. Can't keep my fans waiting and wondering what the 'ell happened to me and where the 'ell I've been. But what topic should I post about? I sat here at the keyboard, toilet paper in hand, a hot cuppa herbal infusion laced with lemon and honey on the computer table, contemplating snot mucus. Could not keep my fingers from typing into the blog title space: snot.

So there you have it.
Without further ado, right below is that link I promised, too many words later (OK, I lied again about being brief).

I wish to thank the good people at eHow for this very simple and satisfying explanation.

Moral of story: Mucus be our friend.
So dry up awreddy.


House Dreams said...

I slept for hours and hours. Usually Robitussin DM will take care of snot (mucus, though we call it snobber sometimes)and cough, but I found a cheaper off brand and then I found the same stuff in pill form, non of that yucky liquid bleechh. Anyhoo, I'm taking lots of pills and infussions and puffs and I have a great new attitude:
Screw it, take all the meds you can and thoughouly enjoy yourself! Forget the old days of steam, cough drops and soup. I'm going all out! And phooey to that!!
Well, except for the terribly irritiating dry mouth!

House Dreams said...

sorry to be ranting on you own blog.

lalchy said...

nice blog :D