Friday, November 19, 2010

(New Label) > Photo-Play

Introducing a new label (not that I keep up so well with categorizing past posts that it justifies adding another label...). I'm calling this one Photo-Play.

At times I find myself high and dry and at quite a loss to create a brand new chatty blog post. When this happens, I'll typically post a music or movie vid, courtesy of youtube, Hulu or the like. Otherwise, I am silent. Consequently, days and weeks go by without a post. Bloggers with big gaps between posts start to lose touch with their blogs. Loyal readership wanes. Few bloggers, including myself, don't want either to happen.

Although blog concepts may be few and far between on occasion, there's still likely inspiration (of the visual variety) to be found in my ever increasing stockpile of new/old photographs. These pictures are all over the place. Most prints are stored in boxes on the closet shelf. The digital ones are scattered about, hopelessly unorganized, in my computer. Even so, it's still possible to pull together a couple/few images that qualify as 'playful' (or poignant) and share them here. My goal with photo-playing is to create a wee vignette of two or more pix that has meaning to me. If it prompts a smile from you, or idea jumping-off-point for you, so much the better.

Aside from this lengthy intro, for future Photo-Play posts, pix will appear sans explanation.

This first Photo-Play essay is titled 'Kids in Kar Seats'.


Kid in Kar Seat, 1977

Kid in Kar Seat, 1982

Kid in Kar Seat, 2010


napster#46 said...

My favorite is '1977'. Kar seats are like instant sleeping pills. My little one's had a thumb in their mouths and a frayed corner of their blankie in their eye. What were they dreaming about while we were driving back HOME? It must have been good, cause they didn't want to wake up once we arrived. Maybe the 'ride' is better than the boring countryside passing by.

baffle said...

besides basic vehicle passenger safety -- many a parent is enamoured of Kids in Kar Seats for the very reason you stated, Napster. Lulls even the most irritable 'I don't wanna take a nap' kid into blissful slumber. Quiet time for both parent(s) and child.