Friday, May 20, 2011

Gone by the wayside...?

sometimes, when not pondering life's deeper spiritual and philosophical questions, I get to wondering about every day, mundane and rather - yes - nonsensical things.

Take, for example, the following few not-so-mind-numbing ruminations:

Do women still....

wear hair curlers to bed?
or is this uncomfortable practice gone by the wayside?
no - not gone. it's still being done.

wear see-through (and shaped to the style of the shoe) galoshes over footwear?
or has this fashion statement gone by the wayside?
no - not gone. those plastic booties are now called overshoes.

keep their stockings up with roll garters?
have these oversized rubber bands, which are more like tourniquets, gone by the wayside?
no - not gone. roll garters continue to be available!

take heavy make-up cases as their one piece of carry-on luggage?
that bulky, unwieldy, little heifer of a bag still carted around, or has the practice of bringing it on board -- gone by the wayside?
yes - it has. the tradition of women toting their fully stocked, hard sided cosmetic train case to their seat with them on an airline flight has, for all practical purposes, gone by the wayside.



Lauren said...

sometimes you can find those vintage samsonite pieces at thrift stores- i think we have two! love them.

House Dreams said...

Check out the last episode of The Middle, one of the funniest sitcoms around. Someone still has her curlers!