Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who IS that guy?

Monday night.

His is the voice which announces the official start of each episode of Dancing With the Stars, as he states most enthusiastically:

'Live! - from Hollywood!'
During the course of the show, and prior to each dance number of the competition, he also introduces the individual couples and the style of dance they are about to perform.

Who IS that guy?

His name is Alan Dedicoat.
aka 'Deadly'.
aka 'Voice of the balls' (don't get too excited, this is in reference to the British National Lottery ...).

Dedicoat makes his living, primarily - as an out-of-sight announcer.

What it is that is so special or unique about his voice escapes me. He's certainly no David Attenborough (who as a writer & naturalist, has other credits to his name besides narrating outstanding documentaries) or Peter Coyote (narrator/writer/actor +).

But then what do I know?

So there you are.

More power to ya, Alan. For doing what you do and probably getting paid quite well for it.

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