Thursday, July 14, 2011

bestest TV show theme song!


in my humble.

I especially like 'going through' the sparkly starry ring of one of the planets. This takes place between the credit line for Tim Russ (as Tuvok) and Jeri Ryan (as Seven of Nine). Oooooooh! Cheap Thrills!!!!

The only thing not quite right about the opening theme is this.

Even so, I forgive the creators of the show for this tiniest of itty bitty infractions.
One must allow for artistic license, particularly when the spaceship sound effects add so much to the musical fanfare (as well as to the aforementioned slipping through the sparkly starry ring).

Granted, there are some truly great television theme songs out there.
I could research/name/link to a good many now, but i'm a bit preoccupied with listening to this theme song over and over and over again...

I shamelessly confess to being a StarTrek fan, Voyager being my hands-down fave of the five (not counting the animated) ST television series. TNG runs a very close second to Voyager.

The original Star Trek, in all its tacky glory - will always hold a secure and warm place in my heart.

DS 9 (which my DollinkYoungerBrother refers to as DeepShit 9) failed to engage me (though I did watch it). I just couldn't fathom being stranded on the big space station, even though it was close-by to a wormhole (which allowed for some promise of access to other places). Plus, it was awfully dark on that space station. Too mole-like an existence for me.
(given the understanding that, more than a mere spectator, I live and work vicariously amongst the crew on any given ST, so living conditions must suit my aesthetics)

Enterprise had no chance in hell or space of keeping hold of me (starting with the deplorable choice of opening music) as a regular viewer. It just never made the cut (for me). I confess to watching the first few episodes to catch a glimpse of the captain's pet dog beagle, Porthos. Unfortunately, Prada, the poor little beagle on the first season of Enterprise, must have taken Expressionless 101, method acting lessons from Steven Seagal...

Now, back to that Voyager theme song. For foaming-at-the-mouth enthusiasts, here's an extended version.

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