Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the jury is in

based on hard evidence -
the jury has determined -
that i am -
indeed -

a hoarder.

as many of you regular readers this blog know --- around here, merge n' purge is the name of the home reorganization game.
this week, i've been pulling even more stuff out of closets/drawers/cabinets --
and been finding myself knee deep. quite.

the majority of these items are things that i have been saving, storing, and have mostly forgotten about over time.
the reality is that i just don't use most of it.
and haven't
yes, over a year
and probably won't be incorporating these things anytime too soon
into my everyday living.

there is an awful lot of this stuff.
accumulated over the decades
for one good reason or another.
stashed nice and tidy-like.


can a hoarder be tidy?

i think yes.
because here i am, tidy as all get out - yet there is this superfluity.

as it is, life in and of itself is already quite full and keeps us pretty busy.
we have love, joy, pain, struggle, elation. and lots more.

then there is stuff.
some of us also have an abundance of it.
material things that accumulate.
we take care of our stuff, cleaning it, repairing it, using it, not using it.
storing, organizing and reorganizing it.
endlessly shifting it about in our homes.

i like my stuff, but after a while, the maintenance of it takes more time and energy than i have to devote to it.
at this point, My Stuff gets to be known as Too Much Stuff.
if Too Much Stuff starts to drag all the livin' down in my day, it's time to move it forward.
which i've been doing.

yet not making much of a dent.

am i a hoarder, albeit a tidy one?



Conn said...

say it isn't so....

House Dreams said...

Conn, it isn't so, I've been there. Unless you count the orderly, neat and tidy storage boxes.

I need her here, is more like it. But she doesn't hire out.