Tuesday, April 17, 2012

not necessary

so stop it awreddy.

what's the peeve?

for a restaurant wait person to bring 'round the Giganto Pepper Grinder and ask if i wish to have freshly ground pepper on my food.

i like pepper, but honey, it is NOT worth its weight in gold to be portioned out in such minute quantity and with such ceremony. and anyway - aren't we all so 'over' the mongo pepper grinder thing?

just leave the damn grinder on the table so i can Grind My Own.

[bright light at the end of tunnel = recently, one (reasonable/thoughtful/hip) eatery i happened upon DID provide small pepper grinders AT THE TABLES, and alongside it, a small grinder for coarse salt. way to go!]

image of pepper mill from http://www.filgifts.com/view.asp?xitem=Gas001.73

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