Monday, April 02, 2012


Hardwood floors are just that.

Yet everyone seems to like them.
Sure, hard woods can be pretty to look upon. All shiny and bright.
And hard.
And gorgeous.
But hard.

First thing folks do when they move into a place with hardwood floors is...
Cover those floors.
With area rugs.

I'm a 'floor sitter'. That is, I enjoy sitting on the floor. I even like to lie down on the floor on occasion. Quite often, matter of fact.
But not if the floor is bare, hard wood.

As a kid, I could sit on wood floors, and didn't mind it all that much. But back then, what did I know from area rugs or wall to wall carpeting? We had none. The floors in the flat where I grew up and lived for over 18 years weren't made of hard wood. We had aging soft-ish wood planks with old linoleum glued over top. Old worn lino. Dirty floors.

Give me a rug over top of a wood floor. Anytime. A nice soft cushy area rug. Oh heck - just bring a truckload of area rugs. Cover up that pretty floor with some softer, user friendly surfaces.

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Oh yes.
The only reason I would ever want for hardwood floors in my home is so I could choose from an array of cool area rugs.
Because I needs me some comfort when walking or sitting or lying down upon the floor.

These aging bones and muscles just can't handle those hard surfaces anymore.
These days, each and every time I get up off a hardwood floor, it is accompanied by an audible groan. From me.



Conn said...

love to lay on the hard wood floor.

baffle said...

ok then, save the floor cushion(s) for this ol' gal.