Thursday, May 17, 2012

a Chemex story

once upon a time
in the 1970's
i drank coffee.

once upon a time i used a Chemex coffee maker to brew that coffee.

once upon a time my Chemex broke.
after all, it IS glass.

and truthfully, that hourglass shape is awkward to handwash.
every day.
and stack in the dish drying rack.

so i bought another Chemex.
and used that one for awhile.

another once upon a time, that Chemex also broke.

so i bought yet another Chemex.
and that one stayed intact.

one day i turned to Mr. Coffee.
[which was a wedding gift]
and donated that third Chemex to Goodwill.

i loved me some Chemex, but did not like the brokie bits.

it was also a challenge to keep the coffee hot in the pot.

to keep coffee from losing too much heat before the second cup,
i used the lid from my smallest RevereWare saucepan over top.
which wasn't cute but it kindasorta worked.

i had a Salton hot tray.
[another wedding gift]
which had an electric heating element.

and so i set the Chemex on the heating tray.
with the RevereWare lid on top.
that helped too for keeping the coffee warm.

but juxtaposing the smoooooooooth cool factor of the low-tech high-style of the Chemex
a stainless steel RevereWare saucepan lid
an electric food heating tray.

it took away from the simple beauty of Chemex.

for quite some time after all the Chemex coffeemakers were gone, i kept the wood collars and leather ties with the wooden beads in my kitchen junk drawer.

just 'cause they were pretty.
and never got broken.

once upon a time, i had three Chemex coffeemakers.

that's all she wrote.

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