Monday, May 21, 2012

wake me when it's over

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i haven't done a movie review for some time now, so here goes ...

HubbyDear and i rented 'Feed the Fish' as a dvd from Netflix.
anyone who rents dvds knows how it can sometimes be with oft-used/quite abused dvds.

several things can happen during the viewing of the movie:
freeze mid-frame.
skipped scenes.
jump entire 'chapters' of the movie.
usually at the best part.

less than two-thirds of the way through viewing 'Feed the Fish', the movie jumped to the end.
we took the disc out, checked it for cracks or deep scratches and wiped it - hole to edge, not in a circular fashion (sometimes there is an obvious bit of PB&J residue, left by a previous viewer)...

inserted the disc back into the machine and still it jumped from where we left off to the end.
tried it once more.
and the same thing happened.

but that's ok.

no big loss.

because my one word movie review for 'Feed the Fish' is:


p.s. goldfish should be kept in adequate sized aquaria with at least some gravel, plant life and water, and not in small glass bowls with nothing but water (cute for a movie, perhaps, but deadly to the fish).

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