Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Craft Warning

Current (sewing) project: Seminole patchwork.

That little yellow and purple bit in the right hand corner of the photo took me about an hour to cut and sew up.
It's all about precision patchwork quilting.
Aready I love/hate it.

Will post more as I progress.
If I don't run screaming first .


jridesovernightonMt.Tam said...

Your patience amazes me. And your dedication and artistry is wonderful to see.

Have fun!

Conn said...

nice set up. kep on keepin' on mama smith.
looking forward to the final product.

baffle said...

You better know that I'm 'hatin' e'vry stitch' with this project.
I've got seam ripper at the ready and have had to use it too many times!

In the end, it will be very beautiful, I think. Worth the pain and suffering?