Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When you're down and troubled

This always makes me smile.
How many times did you smile whilst watching this?


Anonymous said...

yay for the 'beatlemania' label! I've been hoping for this one...can't wait for more installments!
xo, ellen

baffle said...

a little LLS bird told me you were hoping for a Beatles label, and that's why I started one!

this was just for you!

now to backtrack and label my previous Beatle posts without wiping everything out....
blogger is not to be entirely trusted, you understand.

thanks for reading - i didn't realize you ever stopped in - and wow - a comment too!

i feel - pretty darn - special.

[winky winky]

Anonymous said...

oh yes, long time listener - first time caller! It is your ticket stub of the Beatles at Candlestick that really starstruck both myself and shannon!