Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Planet Earth, I's a-waitin'!

First of all, I hope you're still enjoying Sunday's 'Coming Attraction' post.
I'm working on the follow-up and it'll be another day or so before I get that published on this here blog.

In the meantime, watch the clip above and get yourselves psyched for this:
Did you happen to view the (eagerly awaited) BBC series 'Planet Earth' on The Discovery Channel some weeks ago?
Perhaps you felt the same way I did about the television presentation - that is, nauseated* to the point where I finally turned off the tv and fled for the other room.
If you know what I'm talking about, then you will be (as I am) delighted to know that the release of the series on DVD is just round the corner.

* Due to the numerous and lengthy commercial breaks. The adverts were ridiculously excessive, irritating, and continually (as well as very rudely) broke up the gentle ebb and flow of the documentary.
I don't have Tivo. Even if I did, fast-forwarding would also take away from the seamless quality of the film.

The soon-to-be-released DVD has David Attenborough narrating, as on the original show. Not Sigourney Weaver, who did the narration for American television. She did a fair job, but why change what ain't broke?

'Creative decision-making' in the hands of television producers and advertisers ~ accccch ~ don't even go there....

'Planet Earth'.
Available for purchase/rental in less than one week.
No commercial interruptions = viewed as it was meant to be.

Double Huzzah!

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jessierose said...

My DVR will be working very hard to record the Planet Earth marathon that will be on while I'm at your house partying.