Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Man Cologne. Applied with a heavy hand.

I'm not talking about the quick splash of a lightly scented astringent slapped about the cheeks/neck post-morning-whisker-scraping. Fresh and citrus-y, there are quite a few aftershave scents which are very pleasant (and sweetly memorable) indeed.

Peeeeeuwwww!!! is the musky, lingering, cloying, downright stinky Parfum de StupideMan. Heavy, pungent scents that many men believe entice and attract. However, the desired effect is not always achieved. More often than not, those stanky
overpowering odors actually - repel.

Besides the unappealing smell and intensity of some (not all, but too many) of these scents, why is it that so many guys seem to use half a bottle at each application? A whiff of a super heavy skanky smelling men's cologne is an attack on our delicate senses.
Makes ya want to go runnin' for the hills.

Take care not to stand too close to a guy who has soused himself liberally with 'fragrance'. Invariably (more so if the stuff is especially offensive), the scent tends to slime and seep its way over into YOUR clothes, hair and skin...
and is most difficult to wash away.


Cologne: Get a clue, boys. Choose lite. Apply sparingly. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
(Oh sure, the same can be said for some of the more cloying women's scents, but we're discussing ManParfum today...)

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Joelle said...

men or women...

some "scents" just make my nose swell up and I hab to tawk lik dis and sneeze.

But some perfumes take me back in time:

a favorite friend,
an aunt,
my own teenage self

ah, memory lane