Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What's she doing now, I wonder?

Do you ever wonder what someone from your past is
Sure you do - we've all entertained at least a casual passing thought about individuals whose lives have criss-crossed with ours.

have you ever wondered what your first child's first pediatrician is Is he/she still alive? Retired? Revered? Reviled?
Tonight I wondered.
So I 'Google'd' the doc's name - and found some interesting info.

This is what DollinkDaughter LLS' pediatrician is doing 'now'.
[The article is from a year ago].

Dr. Ramer was in attendance at the birth of BabyLLS.
I was a newbie parent and to me, Doc Ramer represented the Voice of Reason. I listened attentively as she dispersed medical baby-related advice. Her words were Gospel. The Doc encouraged nursing, Snugli Carriers, Happy Baby Food Grinders, cloth diapers, reading books to your baby and plenty of parent-child interaction via touch, speech and play. Ramer never dismissed my asking 'silly' and 'obvious' questions about parenting. She answered plainly, pointedly and with a sense of humour.

Moreover, the doc was kindly and fun, even whilst doctoring. She hugged my infant at every office visit and even kissed baby's (clean) bare bottom once. Doc Ramer called LLS 'fat' and considered it a compliment because the kid at least looked well fed and happy. Growth rate certainly met with the doc's approval.

When it was time to exit the Big City for the suburbs, I was loath to leave this doctor and switch to a new pediatrician. Ramer was my Primo Guidance Counselor at What-Life-Never-Taught-Young-Parents-
About-Raising-Babies Camp.
However would I cope without her gentle reassurance in regards to my insecurities about parenting?
Would T. Berry Brazelton's baby/childhood primers have ALL the answers I needed?
However would I/we cope?

We did as people do. We moved on. We found a new 'ped' in a new town. We adjusted.

Time passes (like nobody's business, it passes...).
Though we try not to, we do lose track of people who were once such important players in our growth, development and life experience. Daily musings about interaction with these folks start to lessen.
Once so vivid, our mental playbacks of these people, places and events, begin to fade.
Snippets of times past are reduced to blurry memories we file away in the back 4o of our memory bank.

Then, perhaps, decades later - we're prompted to recall a once significant
name, time or place.
Oh and so....Hmmmmm.....What's he/she doing now, I wonder?

In the case of First Child's First Pediatrician, the WWW provided a tidbit
of info in answer to my query. Cool!

'Just Google It'
Ya never know what you'll find.


Anonymous said...

not positive, but she could be the mother of a long-ago elementary school classmate (one of the three daughters mentioned in the article, though I only remember two). they lived in a huge mansion in presidio terrace. i was never sure which one, but could be the one dianne feinstein last lived in, right past the gates of the terrace. small world!

b said...

Small world is right!
Ooooh - now I'm going to have THAT
SONG stuck in my head for the next few days...
Thanks for the comment - I bet this is the very same Mom of that school mate of yours.