Thursday, July 24, 2008


When 'Enchanted' was released last year, it piqued my moviegoing curiosity.

The movie trailer presents the film as something of a parody (correct), satirical (yes) as it borrowed with tongue-firmly-in-cheek and with nary a hint of shame - from just about all of my fave Disney Princess Classics. They can do that. Carte Blanche. It's Disney, after all.

One could deduce that, at the very least, 'Enchanted' might be trite. However, the promise of lite entertaining fare for the downtrodden is something not to be ignored.

'Enchanted' arrived, via Netflix, in my mailbox the other day.
Because I add movies to my Netflix queue weeks/months in advance of receiving them, it's a challenge to remember what'all was put on my list. Consequently, it's usually quite a surprise when the DVDs arrive. As in: 'What movie is this and who the hell put it on my queue?!?' Thank goodness the folks there keep proper tabs.

It's been desperate times these last months, and I needed an uplifting movie (having just viewed 'Golden Door' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' earlier this week), so I popped 'Enchanted' into the player to while away an hour and a half - multitasking, of course, by unraveling yet another knitting project. Suffice it to say that there is always another kniting project to 'cleanse'.

At any rate, I was banking on some escapism...

Who knew?!?
Such a good time to be had in 90 minutes time!
Admittedly, I'm an easy mark and highly susceptible, but get this - by movie's end, I felt quite oddly, yet pleasantly ~ transformed and undeniably uplifted.
Disney often does that to me, y'know.

One Word Movie Review: 'Enchanted' = ENDEARING

'Pan's Labyrinth': Waaaaay more violence than my poor emotionally ravaged (yes, a bit melodramatic, but hey) soul bargained for at this time. However, I appreciated the Monster at the Feast (my moniker for it), which was amazingly well-designed and so very awesome...

'Golden Door': Great insight on the plight of the first wave of immigrating southern Europeans: especially worth seeing for the Ellis Island scenes, as well as the swimming-in-milk scene at the end.
and here you Sicilians thought you were just Plain Ol' White Folk...or was it I who thought that?


Liz said...

Bev, maybe I'll borrow your DVD if you haven't already returned it. Or, I'll check out Blockbuster.

Could use an uplifting movie.

baffle said...

Yes, you've gotta see it. Good laughs and life-affirming.

Don't know about you, but I get tired of 'life-is-cheap and the majority of people are creeps' type fare.