Tuesday, October 21, 2008

essays on race, racism and white privilege

For example:
These essays by Robert Jensen.
This is stuff no one really wants to hear about, read up on, investigate or understand.
Or do they?
And who are 'they' anyway?

People of color, when prompted - can usually expound quite generously on the topic(s) of race, racism and white privilege.

On b's blog, I try to make it a point to avoid writing posts that have to do with religion or politics.
Views on these subjects are generally so ingrained (due to successful media and/or parental and/or societal propagandizing) that they are - typically - and absolutely - unyielding.

Religion and politics are social constructs.
So is 'race'. Uh-huh. Though that concept can hurt the wee brain cells (we tackle it another time, OK?).

In my humble view - far too often, rigidity of belief can be ensconced ever more firmly by mere mention of other perspectives ... I do it, don't you? Yet I don't think my views serve to hurt, damage or create disadvantage for others...

So ~
why now and why here amongst merry cherry posts on craft and art and food and shopping and popular movies and nostalgic missives on growing up in the 50's and 60's and Beatles4Ever and DollinkThisandThat (with an occasional pissy curmudgeon post about Borg Tooth Technology?) do I wish to 'make mention', then?

Within the climate of the upcoming presidential election, I digress...
for it's all hitting waaaaaay too close to home.

Bonus: More 'fun' reading on media portrayals of race/class/gender/sexuality.
Also: Peggy McIntosh has much to reveal on the subject of white privilege.
(I especially appreciate her views on male privilege and white privilege as being denied and therefore protected by that denial. WhooooHoooo -'Double indemnity' if you happen to be male as well as 'white'!)


Conn said...

i love anything you have to say.
and i applaud you for your post.
especially with today's headline saying that the race issue is not as important in the election say as it was a few months... heck even weeks ago.


but we not only have a race card this election.. we have the gender card as well. double whammy.
oh wait and age too.
1,2,3 strikes your out.

it's hard to see the issues hiding behind all of the cards being held up.

i have been spouting about this election for weeks to anyone who will listen... on facebook and by phone.
i am pooped.
as much as i would like to think people are able to change... i am not sure i trust people on their word.
oh... stop me now... i can go on and on... but my fingers may start to bleed.

to everyone out there... please vote. don't think about it... well yes do think about it... think about who and why. the choice is yours.
what i mean is don't just think about voting... you need to actually do it.

did i digress?

baffle said...

Oh-Bleeding-Fingers Conn ~
I thank you for reading and commenting. These occasional posts on b's blog of less-than-fun topics speak to some of my most passionate concerns for 'mankind'. You and I could/should have some healthy rant n' rave sessions, to be sure!
Rest easy, now.
Let's take a deep collective breath and await the decision of the masses. Fricken' scary, if you ask me...
~ b

Conn said...

ok... i feel better now... well for now anyway.