Friday, October 03, 2008

true confession #5,369

It's time.
I risk of sounding harsh, but am waaaaaay overdue in stating this:

I do NOT enjoy receiving group e-mail 'forwards' of jokes, anecdotes, sentimental or inspirational photos/poems/whatnot.
It may be true that I love and adore the sender, but NOT what has been sent en masse by that dear one to all in his/her e-address book - including moi.

There are those special someones who don't bother to write personally, yet
are so thoughtful to include me in a cattle call All Points Bulletin. This is actually kinda sorta almost ... hurtful... and reads more like 'You're important to me, but only to send some junky e-mail forward to'.

Sorry - but - Ptui.

With group e-mail forwards, it is particularly peeve-worthy to find:
(1) a listing of the e-mail addresses of EVERYONE else who is getting the same forward forwarded to them.

(2) It is more than a tad irritating when the messages are HUGE in size.
Though I now have high speed delivery, getting over-sized mail still requires some waiting (all the while I'm thinking while it is loading - 'Who the hell sent me a mongo-sized group forward or photos that haven't been properly reduced for e-mailing?!?!?).

(3) More so when those huge pix included are (inadvertently?) duplicated twice or thrice.

(4) Patience is tested to da max when all previous comments to that forward are included in the e-mail sent my way. I really don't care to know who said what or why. Who the hell are these other people anyway?!?!?

(If you must 'forward', at least do it the right way to protect yourself and your recipients.)

Sure sure. I know. Everyone is busy.
But - way too busy in this short life to build or maintain social contacts/depth of relationships without resorting to becoming 'Forward Happy' (not a phrase coined by, but very much appreciated by - me)?
Make some time? Like - isn't life about those relationships?

If a friend wants to share a thought with me, wouldn't it be nice if he/she did it as a one-on-one e-mail with a wee accompanying personal note. 'Thinking of YOU', 'Look what I found that made me think of YOU'. ' Check out this crazy link to something of interest to the BOTH OF US'.

I might even consider reading the thing if it were presented thusly.

Even so, I'm still going to delete that sucker of a forward - within a second or two of receiving it.

'Nuff said, save that I really and truly do adore my e-mail buddies - just wish they'd gently and with great love - remove me from their 'forward list'.

P.S. Oooooh - check this out: a like minded sistah with an acid tongue! She speaketh what I dare not on this blog - for - truth be known, I also swear like a sailor (must be in the blood) but do not wish to offend the sensitivites of
my more delicate readers...not yet, anyway.


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