Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wild China

This BBC production first aired middle of last year 2008.
I finally saw it last month, via good ol' Netflix rental.
Better late than never.

Buy it, rent it, borrow it, steal it, view it.
Whichever way you can get hold of this documentary post haste, do.

Television worth watching. You owe it to yourself.

One word movie review: Remarkable


justducky said...

I just put it on my Netflix queue.
Can't wait.

BTW, The De Young has a wonderful exhibit of contemporary Asian artists...a must see as well!

baffle said...

I'm sooooo excited that you'll be renting BBC Wild China!

Some time ago, we went to the De Young to specifically see that contemporary Asian artists show (as well as the Yves St. Laurent), and will try to go again before the exhibit is over - for a much closer look. Great stuff, and much to learn. However, the museum was so crowded...both exhibits deserve a much slower paced perusal.

Until that next visit (I hope I hope), the accompanying exhibit book
should keep me pacified.

Anonymous said...

Superb photography and a fascinating subject, but Bernard Hill is no David Attenborough and I found the music a bit intrusive at times. The BBC does do nature documentaries wonderfully well ... Planet Earth is another must-see series. The 'how they filmed it' extras are worth the admission price on their own.

baffle said...

Anon ~ I couldn't agree with you more that BBC Planet Earth is another incredible must-see (must-own). Since my April 17, 2007 blog post about it
I am now in happy possession of the DVD set. Never tire of the re-watching. Planet Earth: cult film?!?

Next up to have and to hold: aforementioned Wild China. My fixation, you understand, has everything to do with it being all about China.

The China which China herself must not lose sight of, as she continues to propel fast forward in world economics, political might and the global responsibilities inherent.

Thanks for your comment!

Conn said...

Just watch Planet Earth - Desert tonight and it left me speechless. And now you tell me of Wild China?!
Will for sure catch this as well. Nothing... NOTHING better than a good old nature program.
Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Heads up nature fans - the new BBC series Nature's Great Events is in the same league as Planet Earth/Wild China and may well be Sir David's last major series. Wonderful stuff.

baffle said...

Thanks, Anon - for the heads-up on 'Nature's Great Events' - will be sure to watch for it.