Tuesday, May 05, 2009

totally hooked on ...

Cook's Illustrated
America's Test Kitchen.

I've been enamoured of the Cook's Illustrated mags and books for some time, and just recently became aware of the filmed cooking shows. (What rock have I been living under?!? So glad I crawled out for a looksee.) Yesterday, I viewed 'Best Baking Recipes' (2007) on DVD and am now totally hooked on the shows as well.

I've always considered myself a good cook / baker, yet there's always so much more to learn about the craft. The DVD on baking was chock full of helpful tips and info. The only problem is getting hungry as you watch. Creating food with just the right ingredients and just the right techniques: Wow and Yum. The cooking demos set my kitchen mojo afire!

Whilst investigating the website, another lovely surprise.
The TV shows can be accessed on our local PBS station every Saturday. Click here to see if your local listings include America's Test Kitchen.

Cook's Illustrated: Another of life's Yippee Skippees.


Lauren said...

You can also download certain segments of the show as Podcasts on iTunes, which is how we've been watching it these days. So good!

baffle said...

Ooooooh - good idee! Thank you!

Liz said...

I love their magazine and feel they are better than my Cooking Light.

baffle said...

the mag is so aesthetically beautiful, straightforward and honest.
No need to tear articles or recipes out - the entire thing is a keeper.
I luv that there are no ads.

Too bad my local idiot post office chronically mis-files and mis-delivers the mail. If they weren't so stupid, I'd get a lifetime subscription to Cook's Illustrated.

I agree that Cooking Light ain't bad either - reasonable, healthy recipes therein.