Tuesday, April 28, 2009

People Photography

'White Angel Breadline' 1932. by Dorothea Lange.

People photography = people taking pictures of people.

No, not the kind of picture taking where one Lines-Up-The-Gang-All-Facing-The-Camera-And-Tells-Them-to-Say-Cheese for an 'everyone is happy happy' pic.

No, not the stiffly formal posed studio portraits...and please no - definitely not the relatively unnatural set up of 'glamour shots' either.

We're talking about real people doing real things - photographed naturally, in the candid slice-of-life style (with a purposeful nod to creative composition and mood lighting, of course). Pictures which elevate humble snapshots into works of art.

Life is, after all, living art.
Those gifted in the photography of people have the innate ability to capture something of the living art of the human condition in their picture-making. These skilled individuals are able to hold and suspend The Moment - within the framework of a two- dimensional photograph.

One possessed of that gift is Callie Shell, who recently photographed President Barack Obama's First 100 Days in office.

Artists like Callie Shell make taking pictures of people look easy.

Don't be fooled.
Achieving memorable shots of people requires patience, a discerning eye and impeccable timing. Moreover, it requires a vision. It also helps 'to be one' with the camera. It's no easy task to take photos of people which convey emotion and/or tell a story.

Here is another very gifted artist who takes brilliant photographs of people - as well as places and things (yes, do take note that this is a multiple shameless plug).

Huzzah!! for people who capture, via their cameras - mesmerizingly memorable images of people.

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