Friday, April 10, 2009

Carry-On Baggage

Perhaps because of my own tendency to carry under eye 'bags' (more when fatigued, but there nonetheless), I find myself very fondly drawn to actors/ actresses who also sport a bit of natural under eye puffage.

Folks like:
Stephen Rea (pictured above)
Greta Scacchi
Greg Kinnear
Jenna Elfman ...
...and others...

Problem, what problem?!?


justducky said...

Our DRUMMER has to deal with carry on luggage! Think of a sack of heavy No way my dear.

Your face is sooooooooo much lovelier than Stephen Rea's will EVER be! Jenna Elfman, too!

Our skin follows the bone structure of our skull and thank goodness you have nice eyesockets to see out of so you can see so much art around you.


baffle said...

I'm generally pretty happy with my face/ bone structure, so that isn't the issue at all. It's just a reality that my under the eye tissue tends to retain water more than some do (regardless of what 'race', as you can see by the links). It's just fun to relate to others via our common under eye 'bags'.

So no worries, this is not a post dissing the Asian face or wanting to look like Barbie (actually I much prefer the rounded softness of for example, (actress) Gong Li's face to so many of the hard and angular pointy faces that grace current screen and mags).

And yes - all eyes who see can view art. How lucky we are for that.

Conn said...

i too have quite a set of bags...we are not alone... most of the actors and actresses have the same bags we do, but are not noticed as much due to the horrible world of retouching. and if they have not been retouched to death, then they most likely have tons of makeup on and bright lights to blast them away. i know... i have retouched many of them to beyond recognition. i was doing as i was told. i loved when i got one now and then that said... please don't touch me too much... but that was rare.

baffle said...

dear fellow baggy eyed c - thanks for sharing your touch-up-the-bags story. very - ahem - 'touching'.