Friday, April 17, 2009



RetroPhone application for iPhone.

For those of us of an older gen who occasionally wax nostalgic for the sound (alas, it cannot duplicate the feel) of rotary dial phones, this 'retro' application appeals.

I don't own an iPhone, but wouldn't it be fun to someday try the feature out on someone else's iPhone (hint hint).

The other thing I miss about an old style telephone is the perfect fit-to-your-face design of the handset. I especially appreciate the ear-hugging design of the listening section. The cupped design of the ear piece helps to block out distracting outside noises. To me, the curved shape of a tradtional handset also feels more natural, unlike the flat panels of cell phones. The old handset design also allows for a nice firm grip.

Some time ago, I was given one of these nifty accessories (in spicy orange color) for my basic clamshell cell. It plugs into the headphone jack of the phone. Works like a charm. Fun to use. It even sports a coiled cord to play with whilst talking.

In addition, the YubzTalk is PDC in its own right.


Lauren said...

haha you know i love that!

justducky said...

I remember getting my fat fingers stuck and having to use a pencil to turn those dial phones. I liked TouchTone (Princess phone?).Big, strong punch buttons, not twinky tiny buttons.

I vividly remember hitting my self in the head, about unconscious, with the heavy, heavy handset when I answered too fast! Yow!