Friday, August 05, 2011

Floor People

When it comes to floors, there are basically two kinds of people.

Those who sit on the floor
and those who do not sit on the floor.
The former are Floor People. The latter are - well, they are Not Floor People.

Over the years, I've taken note that quite a number of my relatives and friends don't, won't or can't sit on the floor. I make no judgment, it's just an observation. Those who do sit on floors - on occasion, can also be found lying down on floors (because they want to, not due to passing out).

I enjoy sitting on chairs, sofas and the like, but after a short time, if the conditions are right*, my tendency is to gravitate towards wanting to sit on the floor.

This happens quite frequently. A lot, really. Just about every day.
I lie down on the floor too. But that's only in a super casual setting, if I'm at DollinkDaughterJrS's home, for example. I wouldn't be found lying on the floor in a restaurant or hotel lobby. Unless, as mentioned above, I passed out.

I guess that makes me Floor People (Person).

*To be sure, I'd have to be suitably dressed for floor sitting and said floor should be somewhat clean and not so littered with junky stuff that needs to be moved in order to have space to sit. Oh bother!

Another floor druther:
It really has to be comfy.

Plush surfaces, like wall to wall carpeting, make for a perfect floor sit or lie down. So are large thick area rugs, when smartly (and considerately) placed over hard flooring. Thick tatami is awesome to sit on. Truth be told, tatami is wonderful. When new, tatami smells good too. In Japan, it's a no-no to walk on tatami with shoes on. There is something so civilized about that.

Wood (or bamboo or other wood-like material) and tile floors are uncomfortable to sit or lie down on.
Though they are so very pretty to look at and fun to walk on with clickety clack high heels.
Fine to walk or stand on. And to watch dust bunnies swirl around on.

I've not really experienced cork flooring. Hmmmmm....

And it's been a long time since I've sat on real linoleum. Most lino floors have been replaced with other synthetics, like vinyl. Vinyl is OK to sit on. Not great, though. Lump it in with wood and tile as 'not the best kind of floor to sit on'.

The newish flooring material in my kitchen is a one piece specialty vinyl that has foam integrated into its construction. Not only does its dark brown color hide dirt, but the resilient material gives ever so slightly when walked on, which makes it delightfully sit-able.

On this great-to-walk on/sit upon /lie down on surface, I can sometimes be found supine and happily making 'snow angels'. No, not by myself. I do this with my 4 year old DollinkGrandDaughterLB.

LB is Floor People too.

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Anonymous said...

If you are a country girl, tromping around in the back field, to cut back weeds, fill the hummingbird feeder or run the dog, floor sitting is something you do without thinking until you realize you forgot to take off your mud-boots. Then it's nice to sprinkle the rug with baking soda and vacuum, sweep and mop the disintegrating kitchen floor.