Thursday, August 18, 2011

plucked too soon

baby corn.      

really IS

who knew?!?

baby corn is an actual ear of corn, plucked just as the silk forms but well before the the poor little thing has a chance to grow to bona fide corn cob maturity.

plucked too soon!

what a waste of a perfectly good cob of corn.

baby corn is frequently used in Chinese cooking as a filler veggie.

i don't like to eat it. if you must, give me bamboo shoots or celery as a filler veggie in my stir-fry, but please oh please NO BABY CORN.

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Anonymous said...

baby corn may look nice in the dish of food but it has a unique flavor that detracts from the dish as a whole.
As you say, bamboo shoots, celery, bean sprouts. Anything but baby corn.